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1945-04-27Germany out of Finland

The last German troops withdraw from Finland ending the Lapland War.

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1944-10-011945-04-25Lapland War

The Finnish army while being forced to demobilize by the Soviet Union, fights to push the German army out of Finland and into Norway.

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1944-06-28Petrozavodsk Liberated

Soviet breakthrough the Finish defencive lines on the Karelian isthmus and capture Petrozavodsk.

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Approximately 50,000 Finish troops successfully defend against 150,000 Soviet troops, convincing the Soviets that an invasion of Finland would be hard and allowing Finland to conclude the war with relatively favourable terms.

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1944-06-09Soviets Invade Karelia

The Soviet 30th Guards Corps opened the offensive across the Karelian Isthmuswith an assult on the Finnish 10th Division on the "Main Line" Valkeasaari sector. Soviet artillery fired over 80,000 rounds along the front.

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The United Kingdom declares war on Finland in support of the Soviet Union during the Continuation War.

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1940-11-13Molotov on Finland

Molotov meets Hitler again asking acceptance to liquidate Finland. Hitler now resists every attempt to expand soviet influence in Europe. He sees Britain as defeated and offers India to the Soviet Union.

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Peace agreement between Finland and the Soviet Union is signed in Moscow. Finland cedes the Karelian Isthmus (including Viipuri), parts of east Karelia and the Hango peninsul on a thirty year lease.

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1940-03-08Viipuri Falls

Viipuri is taken by Soviet troops.

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Finnland seeks armistice with the Soviet Union.

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