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1945-04-29Mussolini's End

Having been shot the previous day, the mutilated bodies of Mussonlini, his mistress and several other Fascist officials are taken to the Piazzale Loreto in Milan and hung upside down on meat hooks.

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1945-04-29Fornovo di Taro Liberated

The commune at Fornovo di Tar is liberated by Brazilian troops.

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1945-04-27Mussolini Captured

Benito Mussolini, his mistress and several other high ranking officials from the Fascist regime are captured by a group of Italian partisans lead by Urbano Lazzaro.

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1945-04-26German Troops withdraw

The last German troops withdraw from Genoa. The German General Meinhold surrendered to the Committee of National Liberation (CLN).

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1945-04-25Turin Liberated

Days before the German forces surrendered in Italy and after a general insurrection, Turin is captured by Italian Partisan troops.

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1945-04-25Milan Liberated

As the US 1st armoured division advance up the Po valley, Milan is liberated by Italian resistance units rising in open revolt.

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1945-04-17Montese Liberated

Brazilian troops liberate the town of Montese after a three day battle with defending German forces.

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1945-02-23Verona Bombed

The Verona Philharmonic Theatre is bombed by Allied forces.

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1944-12-05Ravenna Liberated

Canada's 12th Royal Lancers, led by one of Bulow's detachments, entered the city from the south as Popsky's pirates stormed in from the east to find the Germans fleeing. With the exception of one section of blown aqueduct, the city was intact.

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1944-08-12Sant'Anna di Stazzema

SS troops commanded Anton Galler, surrounded and entered Sant'Anna, rounded up approximately 560 men, women and children, murdered them and burnt their bodies.

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