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1945-08-15Surrender Broadcast

After several more days of behind-the-scenes negotiations and a failed coup d'Etat, Emperor Hirohito gave a recorded radio address to the nation. Some Japanese soldiers, devastated by the surrender, committed suicide. Many allied POWs were executed.

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1945-07-07Kalagong massacre

600 villages are murdered by troops from 3rd Battalion, 215th Regiment and the OC Moulmein Kempeitai of the Imperial Japanese Army.

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1945-05-09Stutthof Liberated

Stutthof, the first concentration camp built inside Germany, was the last liberated by Allied forces. Soviet troops arrive to find 100 prisoners still alive. Of the 110,000 deported there during the war over 85,000 had died.

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1945-05-05Mauthausen-Gusen Librated

The 41st Recon Squad of the US 11th Armored Division led by S/SGT Albert J. Kosiek arrive at Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp. It had been one of the largest labour camps in Europe and had resulted in the deaths of between 122,766 and 320,000 inmates.

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1945-05-04Neuengamme Liberated

British troops liberated Neuengamme concentration camp. Over half of it's 106,000 inmates had died by the end of the war.

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1945-05-02Wobbelin Liberated

Troops from the 82nd airborne division liberate Wobbelin Concentration Camp. They discover the bodies of over 1000 inmates.

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1945-05-02SS abandon Neuengamme

The last SS troops leave the Neuengamme concentration camp. From 1938 to 1945 over half of the 106,000 prisoners who had been interned there had died.

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1945-04-29Dachau Liberated

Troops from the 42nd and 45th Infantry Division of the U.S. Seventh Army liberate Dachau concentration camp. They discover approximately 32,000 prisoners, crammed 1,600 to each of 20 barracks, which had been designed to house 250 people each.

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1945-04-22Jasenovac Prisoner Revolt

As Partisan units approached, 600 prisoners revolted. 520 were killed and 80 escaped.

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1945-04-11Buchenwald Liberated

US troops liberate Buchenwald concentration camp. One of the first and largest concentration camp on German soil

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