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1945-04-211945-04-30Battle of Bautzen

In the last Germany armoured counter attack of the war, and arguably the last military victory, elements of the Fallschirm Panzer and Panzergrenadier Divisions "Hermann Goring" were successful in driving the 2nd Polish army from Bautzen.

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1945-04-161945-04-19Seelow Heights

Close to one million Soviet soldiers of the 1st Belorussian Front commanded by Marshal Georgi Zhukov, attacked the position known as "Gates of Berlin". They were opposed by about 110,000 German soldiers of the Ninth Army.

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1945-02-23Poznan Liberatted

The German garrison at Poznan capitulates and the city is captured by Soviet and Polish forces.

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1945-01-27Auschwitz Liberated

Soviet troops liberate Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Over one million men, women and children had been murdered at the camp since it's creation in 1940.

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1945-01-24Gleiwitz Captured

The Soviet 1st Ukrainian front captures Gleiwitz.

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1945-01-24Opole captured

The Soviet 1st Ukrainian front captures Opole.

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1945-01-231945-05-08Operation Hannibal

The evacuation of troops and civilians from Courland, East Prussia, and the Polish Corridor. Hundreds of merchant vessels and Germany's largest remaining naval vessels would transport hundreds of thousands of evacuees and soldiers across the Baltic.

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1945-01-201945-03-31East Prussia Evacuated

German authorities begin the evacuation of over 1.8 million civillian ethnic Germans from East Prussia.

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1945-01-19Lodz Ghetto

Soviet troops liberate the Lodz Ghetto (the second largest ghetto in occupied Poland). Of the 200,000 pre-war Jewish inhabitants, only 900 had survived Nazi occupation.

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1945-01-17Auschwitz Abandonned

Nazi forces evacuate Auschwitz concentration camp as Soviet forces close in. The SS command sent orders calling for the execution of all prisoners remaining in the camp, but in the chaos of the Nazi retreat the order was never carried out.

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