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1944-06-04Rome falls

Missing an opportunity to cut off and destroy a large part of the German 10th Army retreating from the Gustav Line, allied forces move along the coast to Rome. The first Axis capital to fall is captured after the German army declare it an 'open city'.

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1944-03-24Ardeatine massacre

335 civilians are led to a system of caves a rural suburb of Rome and murdered by SS troops. The massacre was in reprisal for a partisan attack on the previous day.

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1944-02-07German Counteroffensive

Germany forces launch a counteroffensive on the Allied foothold at Anzio.

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1944-02-01Expanding the Beachhead

The US 3rd Division captured ground up to three miles deep on a seven-mile wide front, but failed to break through or capture Cisterna.

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1944-01-301944-02-02Battle of Cisterna

803 men are killed or captured when an attempt by US ranger units to infiltrate and capture Cisterna is discovered and ambushed by a large Panzer unit.

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1944-01-221944-06-05Operation Shingle

The allied operation intended to outflank the German winter line and open up an offensive on Rome. The resulting battle is commonly known as the Battle of Anzio.

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1944-01-20Main attack at Cassino

A battalion of the 143rd Regiment, 35th ID was able to get across the Rapido on the south side of San Angelo and two companies of the 141st Regiment on the north side. They were isolated without armour support and were eventually wiped out.

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1944-01-171944-05-18Monte Casino

The Gustav line was assaulted four times by Allied troops. For the last of these the Allies gathered 20 divisions for a major assault along a twenty mile front and drove the German defenders from their positions but at a high cost.

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General term used for the aerial resupply of weapons and supplies to resistance fighters in France, Italy and the Low Countries by the U.S. Army Air Forces.

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1943-12-201943-12-28Battle of Ortona

battle fought between German 1st Parachute Division and assaulting 1st Canadian Infantry Division. It was the culmination of the fighting on the Adriatic front in Italy during "Bloody December".

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