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Viipuri is threatened by Soviet advance.

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1940-02-28Second Line

Soviets break through secondary defensive line.

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Sweden refuses Britain and France permission to send troops across Swedish territory to Finland.

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1940-02-231940-03-01Hango Peninsula

Soviet ultimatum to Finland. The ultimatum includes a thirty year lease on the strategically important Hango peninsula.

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1940-02-111940-02-13Mannerheim Breach

Soviets break through the Mannerheim line. Finish troops withdraw to secondary defence lines.

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Britain and France plan to send expedintionary force to aid Finland.

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1940-02-01Viipuri Bay

Timoshenko attempts to flank the Mannerheim by attacking across the frozen Viipuri bay.

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Stalin appoints Timoshenko commander of Soviet forces in Finland. Soviet forces regroup and prepare for a renewed major offensive.

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1939-12-29Lake Ladoga

Finish forces counter-attack succesfully north of Lake Ladoga.

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1939-12-071940-01-08Battle of Suomussalmi

Finnish troops mount successful counterattack on the central front.

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