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1939-12-06Mannerheim Line Attacks

Soviet forces attack the Mannerheim Line. Finish forces hold the line.

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1939-12-03Mannerheim Line

Finish forces withdraw behind the Mannerheim line.

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1939-12-01Otto Kuusinen

Moscow establishes a puppet government in Finland under Otto Kuusinen

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1939-11-30Karelian Isthmus

The Soviet Union invades Finland. Troops advance up the Karelian Isthmus untill they reach the Mannerheim Line.

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1939-11-301940-01-08Battle of Suomussalmi

27,000 Russian forces are killed and 50 tanks destroyed as Finnish troops surround them in -40 degree F blizzard conditions.

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The Soviet Union breaks diplomatic relations with Finland.

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1939-11-26Mainila Shelling

Red Army shelling of Soviet village Mainila staged to implicate Finland and providing the casus belli for the invasion of Finland

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Russia begins negotiating with Finland, making territorial demands.

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