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1945-05-051945-05-11Prague Offensive

The last major offensive on the Eastern front. Fought after the fall of Berlin and VE day. Soviet troops liberate Prague and capture or kill the remaining German troops in Army Group Center.

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1944-12-291945-02-13Siege of Budapest

One of the bloodiest sieges of the war. German and Hungarian troops defended the city for a month and a half, against attacks by elements of Malinovsky's 2nd Ukrainian Front, before they unconditionally surrendered.

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1944-10-25Carei Liberated

Hungarian and German troops are forced out of Carei by Romanian and Soviet forces. This date has since become the Romanian Army Day.

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1944-08-201944-08-29Jassy Kishinev Offensive

The 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts of the Red Army engaged Army Group South Ukraine (combined German and Romanian formations). Defending troops were encircled and destroyed. Romania switched allegiance from Axis to the Soviet Union.

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1944-04-04Bucharest Bombed

Three thousand civilians are killed when allied planes bomb Bucharest.

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1942-11-19Operation Uranus begins

Soviet troops are poised to attack the flanks of the German 6th army besieging Stalingrad. The attacks would strike the poorly equipped and thinly spread Romanian Third Army in the north and the Romanian IV Corps in the south.

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1942-07-171943-03-02Battle of Stalingrad

The bloodiest in the history of warfare, with combined casualties estimated at nearly two million. The battle which eventually trapped and destroyed the German 6th Army and other Axis forces around the city, was the first substantial German land defeat.

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1942-06-21Fort Lenin falls

The 24th Infantry division attacked the main defensive position on the north side of the bay, the Lenin fort. The extensive defensive position fell having lost three of their four main 76mm guns.

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The United States declares war on Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.

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1941-10-301942-07-04Siege of Sevastopol

Despite numerous setbacks and high casualties, with the help of highly effective aerial bombardment (to make up for a shortage in artillery), Axis forces capture the port city.

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