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1945-05-051945-05-08Prague Uprising

Czech resistance troops fight to liberate Prague from German occupying troops at the end of the war. The clash ended in a ceasefire a day before red army troops arrive.

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1945-05-051945-05-11Prague Offensive

The last major offensive on the Eastern front. Fought after the fall of Berlin and VE day. Soviet troops liberate Prague and capture or kill the remaining German troops in Army Group Center.

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1945-02-14Prague Bombed

About sixty B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 8th US Air Force dropped about 152 tons of bombs on many populated areas of Prague. The attacks was a result of a navigation error, the intended target was Dresden, 100km to the north.

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1944-10-27Banska Bystrica Captured

German troops capture Banska Bystrica during Slovak National Uprising effectively ending all resistance.

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1944-08-291944-10-28Slovak National Uprising

An attempt to overthrow the collaborationist Slovak State of Jozef Tiso. Although the rebel forces were defeated by Nazi Germany, guerrilla warfare continued until the Soviet Army liberated Slovakia in 1945.

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1944-03-24The Great Escape

76 prisoners of Stalag Luft III escape. 73 are subsequently recaptured and 50 are murdered by the Gestapo on Hitler's orders.

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1942-06-10Lidice Massacre

The Czech village of Lidice is razed in retaliation for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich. 192 male residents over 16 were murdered. The remaining women and children were sent to concentration camps, where many perished.

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1942-05-27Operation Anthropoid

The assassination of top German SS leader Reinhard Heydrich, a chief planner of the Final Solution, the Nazi German programme for the genocide of the Jews of Europe.

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1940-11-24Slovakia joins Axis

Slovakia signs the Tripartite Pact, joining the Axis Powers.

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1939-03-15Czechoslovakia Occupied

German troops enter Bohemia and Moravia, meeting no resistance. Czechoslovakia ceases to exist.

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