Table of Data Points

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1942-01-11Kuala Lumpur

Japanese army captures Kuala Lumpur.

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1942-01-05Japanese attack Trolak

Japanese attack, but fail to capture Trolak from British defenders.

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1941-12-24Japan captures Kuching

Kuching is conquered by Japanese forces.

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Japanese troops occupy Miri, a city in northern Sarawak, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo.

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1941-12-10HMS Prince of Wales Sunk

Attacked and sunk by 86 Japanese bombers and torpedo bombers. Several hundred men were killed when the ship sank, with Vice-Admiral Phillips and Captain Leach being among those lost.

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1941-12-10HMS Repulse Sunk

Attacked and sunk by 86 Japanese bombers and torpedo bombers. Repulse was fatally hit and soon developed a severe list to port over a period of about six minutes. It was clear that she was sinking, and sinking fast.

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1941-12-081942-03-15Battle of Singapore

The Japanese assault on the Allied stronghold at Singapore, the "Gibraltar of the East". About 80,000 British, Australian and Indian troops became POWs. Churchill called the fall of Singapore the "worst disaster" in British history.

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