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1944-08-151944-09-14Operation Dragoon

The allied invasion of southern France was initiated by an amphibious assault by elements of the U.S. Seventh Army, with a follow-up force made up primarily of the French First Army.

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1944-06-10Distomo Massacre

218 greek men, women and children are murdered in their homes by troops from 4th SS Polizei Panzergrenadier Division under the command of Fritz Lautenbach.

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1944-03-24The Great Escape

76 prisoners of Stalag Luft III escape. 73 are subsequently recaptured and 50 are murdered by the Gestapo on Hitler's orders.

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1943-12-13Kalavryta Massacre

Extermination of the male population and the subsequent total destruction of the town of Kalavryta, in Greece, by German occupying forces.

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1942-10-231942-11-05Second El Alamein

This Allied victory turned the tide in the North African Campaign. It ended Axis hopes of occupying Egypt, taking control of the Suez Canal, and gaining access to the Middle Eastern oil fields.

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1941-06-03Kandanos Razed

German paratroopers raze the village of Kandanos to the ground. All 180 of its inhabitants are murdered.

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1941-06-02Kondomari Massacre

Greek civilians are murdered by an ad-hoc firing squad consisting of German Paratroopers. The killings were part of a series of mass reprisals in Crete for civilian involvement in the defense of the island.

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1941-05-30Acropolis Resistance

Manolis Glezos and Apostolos Santas climb on the Athenian Acropolis, tear down the Nazi swastika and replace it with the Greek flag.

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1941-04-27German troops in Athens

After a 21 day campaign German troops enter Athens, completing their occupation of the Greek mainland.

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1941-04-23Athens Evacuated

King George II and the Greek government evacuate Athens in before advancing Germany troops arrive.

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