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1941-04-051941-04-06Addis Ababa

Italian held Addis Ababa surrendered to British and Ethiopian forces

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Four mark I tanks are decisive in the capture of the Italian strongpoint at Agordat. Some of the garrison escapes overnight but, 1000 troops and 43 guns are captured.

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1941-01-19Sabdaret and Tessenei

British troops seize Sabdaret and Tessenei. Italian troops had withdrawn to dig in among the jagged foothills of the Eritrean Plateau on the approaches to Agordat.

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1941-01-18Italian East Africa

The start of a British general counter-offensive, the 4th and 5th Indian Infantry divisions advance into eastwards into Eritrea.

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1935-10-031936-05-07Italy conquers Abyssinia

World opinion railes against Italian aggression in North Africa. The League of Nations (created after WW1 to avoid international conflict) fails to influence Italian policy.

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