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Hitler demands the return of Danzig to Germany and communications rights in the 'Danzig Corridor' in Poland. The 'Danzig Corridor' separates Germany from it's province in East Prussia.

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1938-09-29Munich Agreement

British prime minister Chamberlain negotiates for Peace in our Time. This agreement granted Germany the Sudetenland, a German-speaking area of Czechosolvakia. Hitler promises this will be his last territorial demand.

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Austria is annexed to Germany. Hitler achieves his aim of uniting the two German-speaking nations of Europe.

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The Hossbach Memorandum summaries a meeting between Hilter and his military and foreign policy leadership. The meeting marks a turning point and radicalization in German foreign policy. "It was therefore a question of space."

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1936-11-01Rome-Berlin Axis

Germany and Italy form an alliance based (to some extent) on common ideology.

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1936-03-07Occupation of Rhineland

Hilter abandons any pretence of adhering to Treaty of Versailles and sends troops to take control of the Rhineland.

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1932-01-011934-12-31Geneva disarmament fails

An international Disarmament Conference in Geneva fails to slow military buildup.

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1921-06-28Treaty of Versailles

The Peace Settlement signed by Germany and Allied powers that ended WW1.

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