Table of Data Points

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The British Expiditionary force begins deployment into France.

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French troops temporarily enter German Saarland

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Germany invades Poland. The Second World War begins.

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1939-08-31Gleiwitz Incident

A staged attack on the German radio station Sender Gleiwitz is used as an excuse to invade Poland.

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1939-08-31Germany invades Poland

Following a German-staged "Polish attack" on 31 August 1939, on September 1, German forces invaded Poland from the north, south, and west. Spread thin defending their long borders, the Polish armies were soon forced to withdraw eastward.

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1939-08-25British Poland Alliance

A formal alliance is signed between Britain and Poland.

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1939-03-15Czechoslovakia Occupied

German troops enter Bohemia and Moravia, meeting no resistance. Czechoslovakia ceases to exist.

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Hitler demands the return of Danzig to Germany and communications rights in the 'Danzig Corridor' in Poland. The 'Danzig Corridor' separates Germany from it's province in East Prussia.

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1932-02-04Japan occupies Harbin

Japanese forces occupy Harbin, China.

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