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Completing the transition to a totalitarian regime, all other political parties in Germany are outlawed.

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1933-03-23Rule by Decree

Reichstag passes legislation giving Hitler unprecedented power to rule by Decree. Germany effectively becomes a one party Nazi state.

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1933-02-27Reichstag Fire

Fears of Communist uprising is fueled by a fire in the Reichstag.

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1933-01-30Hitler becomes Chancellor

Following a political impass, Hilter becomes the Chancellor of Germany.

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1932-04-10Hindenburg defeats Hitler

Field Marshal von Hindenburg defeats Adolf Hitler in presidential election.

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1932-04-10Nazis gain pre-eminance

The Nazi party becomes the largest party in the Reichstag.

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1923-11-09Munich Putsch

Adolf Hitler, backed by Erich Ludendorff (former Chief of Staff to Hindenburg during WW1), attempts a coup. The coup fails and Hitler is imprisoned. During his nine month internment, he writes his politiclal manifesto, Mein Kampf.

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1921-06-28Treaty of Versailles

The Peace Settlement signed by Germany and Allied powers that ended WW1.

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