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1945-07-171945-07-18US bombards Hitachi

Allied battleships commanded by Rear Admiral Badger, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Alabama and HMS King George V and accompanying cruisers and destroyers, bombard industrial facilities near Hitachi.

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1945-07-14First naval bombardment

Rear Admiral John Shafroth leads Task Unit 34.8.1 in the first naval bombardment of the Japanese coastline. The battleships USS South Dakota, Indiana and Massachusetts as well as 2 heavy cruisers and nine destroyers attacked iron works near Kamaishi.

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1945-07-07Kalagong massacre

600 villages are murdered by troops from 3rd Battalion, 215th Regiment and the OC Moulmein Kempeitai of the Imperial Japanese Army.

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1945-06-23Okinawa Ends

The Japanese defence of Okinawa ends with the collapse of defence lines near Mabuni in southern tip of the island. The commander, Mitsuru Ushijima, and chief of staff, Isamu Cho of the IJN 32nd army, commit suicide.

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1945-06-081945-06-10Porton Plantation

Australians troops land and create a small perimeter. Failure to bring heavy weapons and support elements ashore after a number of landing craft ran aground. Japanese responded quickly, surrounded the beachhead and forced the Australians to withdraw.

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1945-05-29Shuri Castle Falls

Three days of bombardment by the USS Mississippi force troops from the Japanese 32nd army to withdraw as troops from 1st Battalion, 5th Marines capture Shuri Castle.

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First stage of the Borneo campaign with an amphibious landing by Australian troops. The operation's primary objective was to secure and develop the airstrip for use in subsequent operations.

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Australian I Corps troops under, under General Morshead, attacked Japanese troops holding the island. The campaign isolated a large number of Japanese troops, captured major oil supplies and freed many Allied prisoners.

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1945-04-07Yamato Sunk

Having been hit by multiple bombs and torpedoes, the Japanese Battleship Yamato rolls and then explodes. An estimated 3,055 of her 3,332 crew were lost, including Vice-Admiral Seiichi Ito.

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1945-04-011945-06-22Operation Iceburg

US fight the largest amphibious campaign in the Pacific Theatre of the war. The US objective was to seize a large island only 340 miles away from mainland Japan. Approximately 120,00 troops and 150,000 civilians were killed in the campaign.

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