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1945-06-23Okinawa Ends

The Japanese defence of Okinawa ends with the collapse of defence lines near Mabuni in southern tip of the island. The commander, Mitsuru Ushijima, and chief of staff, Isamu Cho of the IJN 32nd army, commit suicide.

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1945-06-081945-06-10Porton Plantation

Australians troops land and create a small perimeter. Failure to bring heavy weapons and support elements ashore after a number of landing craft ran aground. Japanese responded quickly, surrounded the beachhead and forced the Australians to withdraw.

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1945-05-29Shuri Castle Falls

Three days of bombardment by the USS Mississippi force troops from the Japanese 32nd army to withdraw as troops from 1st Battalion, 5th Marines capture Shuri Castle.

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1945-05-16Wuppertal Captured

Troops from the US 78th Infantry Division capture Wuppertal, encountering scant resistance.

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1945-05-141945-05-15Last Battle - Poljana

The last battle of the war is fought between a mixed detachment of 30,000 Axis troops and Yugoslav partisan forces. The Axis column was attempting to retreat into British controlled Austria.

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1945-05-091945-05-16Channel Islands Liberated

The Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey are liberated. The German garrison on Alderney did not surrender until the 16th, one of the last Nazi outposts to capitulate.

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1945-05-051945-05-08Prague Uprising

Czech resistance troops fight to liberate Prague from German occupying troops at the end of the war. The clash ended in a ceasefire a day before red army troops arrive.

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1945-05-051945-05-11Prague Offensive

The last major offensive on the Eastern front. Fought after the fall of Berlin and VE day. Soviet troops liberate Prague and capture or kill the remaining German troops in Army Group Center.

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1945-05-03Lubeck Bay Ships

Unaware of the true nature of their targets, RAF Typhoons of 83 Group of the 2nd Tactical Air Force attack three prison ships in Lubeck Bay, Deutschland, Thielbek, and Cap Arcona. Thousands of prisoners are killed.

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1945-05-03British in Hamburg

British troops capture Hamburg. The city is not defended.

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