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1944-04-22Operation Persecution

Allied and American troops undertook an amphibious landing at Aitape in New Guinea. The operation was designed to isolate the Japanese 18th Army at Wewak.

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1944-03-24The Great Escape

76 prisoners of Stalag Luft III escape. 73 are subsequently recaptured and 50 are murdered by the Gestapo on Hitler's orders.

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1944-03-091944-03-17Hill 700, Bougainville

Japanese troops launch a counter offensive on US troops defending Hill 700, Cannon Hill, and Hill 260. The counterattack was defeated with heavy losses for the Japanese army. The Japanese withdrew into the interior, north and south ends of the island.

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1944-02-05Hansa Bay Bombed

Seventy B-25s and A-20s attack Japanese positions in the Hansa Bay area.

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1943-05-14AHS Centaur Sunk

Australian Hospital Ship Centaur is sunk by a Japanese submarine I-177. Of the 332 civilian crew and medical personal, 268 are killed.

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1943-04-011943-04-19Operation I-Go

Admiral Yamamoto conceives a massive aerial counter attack designed to sink allied shipping and destroy allied air power in the Solomons and New Guinea. It was motived largely as a response to losses at Guadalcanal, New Guinea and the Bismarck Sea.

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1943-03-021943-03-04Bismarck Sea Battle

US and Australian air force attack a Japanese convoy carrying troops bound for Lae, New Guinea. Most of the convoy is sunk (8 transports, 4 destroyers) and thousands of Japanese troops are killed.

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1943-01-291943-01-31Battle of Wau

Australian defenders had been greatly reinforced by air. In the battle that followed, despite achieving tactical surprise by approaching from an unexpected direction, the Japanese attackers were unable to capture Wau.

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1943-01-23Tripoli Captured

With Rommel withdrawing to the French-built southern defenses of Tunisia, the Mareth Line, following the Second Battle of El Alamein. The British 8th Army enter Tripoli.

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1943-01-141943-02-07Operation Ke

The largely successful withdrawal of Japanese forces from Guadalcanal at the conclusion of the Guadalcanal Campaign. 10,652 men were evactuated from Guadalcanal at a cost of one destroyer sunk and three damaged.

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