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1942-06-211942-11-11Tobruk retaken

After a surprise offensive and victory at the Battle of Gazala, DAK and Italian troops led by Erwin Rommel capture the strategic seaport at Tobruk.

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Despite Rommel's resounding tactical defeat of the British 8th Army, Axis armour losses were irreplaceable. Rommel was not able to take advantage of this success.

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1942-05-261942-06-11Bir Hakeim

Free French forces resist the Axis advance for 16 days, giving the retreating British Eighth Army enough time to reorganize, allowing them subsequently to halt the Axis advance at the First Battle of El Alamein.

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1942-02-04Abdeen Palace Incident

British troops force King Farouk of Egypt to abdicate and ask Mustafa el-Nahhas to form a new government. It was hoped that the new government would minimize pro-axis sentiments in the royal court and provide support for the allied war effort.

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1942-02-03Timimi falls

As part of Rommel's second offensive, DAK troops advance through Cyrenaica until they reached Timimi. The DAK stayed here until the 26th of May when Rommel launched his attack to outflank the defenders of Tobruk on the Gazala line.

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1942-01-29Benghazi falls

Rommel's DAK advances towards Tobruk during his second offensive.

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1942-01-21Second Offensive Begins

Having received 55 new tanks, Rommel launches his second offensive. During the advance to Gazala, DAK troops destroyed 110 Allied tanks and other heavy equipment.

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1941-12-13Cape Bon

Four Royal Navy destroyers using Radar and cover of darkness, surprise two Italian cruisers. In a brief, furious encounter both cruisers are sunk by close range torpedo and shell fire.

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1941-06-081941-07-10Syria-Lebanon campaign

Successful Allied land, air and sea campaign against Vichy domination of Lebanon and Syria resulting in Free French control of Lebanon and Syria until those states gained independence and themselves declared war against the Axis powers

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1941-05-021941-05-05British bomb Bagdad

British bombers attack Iraqi positions at Habbaniya. The attacks would eventually lead to the withdrawal of Iraqi troops.

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