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I hope eventually that the project approaches one data point per day for the period of the war (Sept 1939 to Sept 1945). I have a long way to go.

Overall Progress38% complete
Number of Data Points839
Number of Tags92
First Data Point1912-06-23
Last Data Point1946-12-13
Average points per day (Sept 1939 - Sept 1945)0.38275547445255
Average points per day0.066634897942975


1945-07-07Kalagong massacre

600 villages are murdered by troops from 3rd Battalion, 215th Regiment and the OC Moulmein Kempeitai of the Imperial Japanese Army.

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1945-05-16Wuppertal Captured

Troops from the US 78th Infantry Division capture Wuppertal, encountering scant resistance.

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1943-05-29Wuppertal Bombed

The RAF bomb Wuppertal, dropping 1,900 tons of explosives.

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1945-01-24Opole captured

The Soviet 1st Ukrainian front captures Opole.

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1945-01-24Gleiwitz Captured

The Soviet 1st Ukrainian front captures Gleiwitz.

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1945-01-11La Roche-en-Ardenne

After heavy allied bombing and many civillian casualties, British forces recapture La Roche en Ardenne.

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Greek troops hold against Italian offensives in Elaia-Kalamas ( as well as those in the Pindus mountains). They subsequently pushed Italian forces back into Albania.

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1940-10-12Warsaw Ghetto Created

The Warsaw Ghetto was established by the Governor-General Hans Frank. At this time, the population in the Ghetto was estimated to be 400,000, about 30% of the population of Warsaw. However, the size of the Ghetto was about 2.4% of the size of Warsaw.

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