2013-06-06 02:08:39 AM

I hope eventually that the project approaches one data point per day for the period of the war (Sept 1939 to Sept 1945). I have a long way to go.

Overall Progress38% complete
Number of Data Points839
Number of Tags92
First Data Point1912-06-23
Last Data Point1946-12-13
Average points per day (Sept 1939 - Sept 1945)0.38275547445255
Average points per day0.066634897942975



The first major allied bombing run on the German mainland.

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The British newspaper tycoon is appointed Minister of Aircraft Production.

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German troops cross the Meuse River near Sedan.

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1940-06-07King Haakon

King Haakon, Crown Prince Olav, and the Cabinet Nygaardsvold evacuate Tromso aboard HMS Devonshire.

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1941-04-051941-04-06Addis Ababa

Italian held Addis Ababa surrendered to British and Ethiopian forces

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1941-04-061941-04-29Operation Marita

German invasion of Bulgaria and Greece sweeping German victory over Greek and Allied forces in 24 days completed with the fall of Kalamata

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1941-05-151941-05-16Operation Brevity

British counter-attack in Egypt

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